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Garena Free Fire 1.32.0 APK+OBBFree Download

Garena Free Fire 1.32.0 APK+OBB


How To Install  Garena Free Fire 1.32.0 APK+OBB without Errors and Problems

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Garena Free Fire 1.32.0 APK+OBB


Please Install "7-zip and WINRAR" to extract the files.

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The Nations And Cultures Of Gaia

Enclosed by mighty glaciers, the lands of Gaia are divided into three main regions: Arcadia, Pirta, and Submeria, each home of a specific culture – respectively Arcadians, Owrus, and Gillfolk.

Arcadians used to be devout followers of the god Sol, but after centuries of holy wars, their religious drive has dampened. As a result, their society has turned to technology-driven secularism: in Arcadia, faith in magic has been dwindling for some time now, and religious temples lay in ruin, like forgotten relics of a distant past.

Owrus and Gillfolk have, on the other hand, been able to sustain their cultures around the temples and shrines of their respective gods, Nieto and Trito.

The Owrus, whose tribes are currently divided by an old Emblem-related quarrel, have all built their homes in the proximity of the Forest Shrine. Despite their differences, Owru people as a whole have always considered themselves as the Wardens of the Jungle. Their sacred duty is to live in harmony with nature and protect Pirta from aggression. Despite the good intents, rumor has it that their fierce warriors have been struggling to keep a terrifying threat at bay for some time now…

Irontalon is the Owru Ambassador in the White City. While he misses the Great Jungle of Pirta, he's in charge of an important task: taking back the Sacred Emblem to his people.

Submerians too have had their fins full lately: trapping the Yurmala Turtle inside Ootheca, the holy place, was no small feat.
When not busy fighting monsters from the sea, Submerians hunt down precious sea materials. Thanks to the finest blacksmith in the whole of Gaia, these corals, and other rare minerals are turned into beautiful weapons that are the envy of the whole world.

Princess Fin loves her country, Submeria, a land full of life and color – a true shelter for both fish and birds. She attributes all of this to the blessing of Trito, the god residing inside the Sacred Emblem of Ocean, which, one day, she hopes to bring back from the White City.

There's much more to the world of Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm than meets the eye, but that's for you to discover upon the game release.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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How I Do Wilderness Encounters

It's a popular question I see asked a lot on the forums and reddit - "How do you do wilderness travel/encounters?" "How do you do hex crawls?"

It's understandable, with a wide open outdoors map looking a lot more overwhelming to prepare for, compared to a dungeon map.

For me, there's three parts to the wilderness part of a campaign.

Part 1 - putting down a key. I use Welsh Piper's general approach of that each hex can have a "major" encounter/landmark and several "minor" encounters/landmarks. I do general stocking, without a lot of details. I save those for when the players are going to run into them. I don't do a random encounter table yet.

Part 2 - pre-game prep. Part of the contract I have with my tabletop players is that I need to know a week in advance of their general plans for the game. That allows me to do some in-depth prep. If they're traveling from point a to point b, this is a lot easier, than if they're at a homebase and have several options.

So once I know their general mission, I look at the map and their expected route.

I start with "day 1" of their travel for that game. For my map, the heroes have different travel rates if they're mounted, on foot, on a road or in country.

For each hex that they might travel through, I look at the key. If something is there, I see if they would encounter it. I roll a d6 for major, and a d6 for each minor. If it's a 6, they miss the major. If it's a 1-2, they run into the minor. If they are going to run into something, I'll note which day they run into something.

If it's a major/minor encounter from the map, NOW I will flesh out the details. If it's a dungeon or some sort of place requiring its own map, I'll do a level or two, depending on how strong the party is and if I anticipate they'll be strong enough to go through the whole thing.

I repeat this for the entire trip. So now I have a list of what they will hit/not hit on their journey. And I know how many hexes they run through, and I'll figure out how long this all takes.

THEN, for each day of travel, I roll a (d6 for civilized/populated lands, d8 for less populated, d10 for wild) for day and another for night. If there's a 1, then there's a random encounter with something. I note that on which day as well.

Now I have a "script" of sorts of what the players will run into and when that will happen.

I then flesh out the encounters, whether with a major/minor from the key, or as the result of a random encounter. With random encounters, I know what is logical for that area. I also look to several tables and books for ideas/inspiration. Sometimes previous keys I've made. What am I in the mood for and what have I already done in this area?

I plan out for the entire trip or mission that they've laid out. It might take them a few sessions to do this, but it's easier for me to do it as much as once.

So here's an example:
The players are going to travel from the Town of Golden Gate to the ruined Fort Dawn. They have to travel through the Wild Woods and across orc-held Plains of Woe.

So let's make this easy - it takes 1 day to cross 2 hexes of grasslands, farmlands (mounted). 1 day to cross 1 hex of light woods/hills (mounted). 2 days to cross 1 hex of deep woods.

The "mission" that the players tell me is that they will head east/southeast towards the ruins. They want to avoid the Orcs. They have a ranger with them.

So the most likely path is 00.01 -> 01.01 ->02.01 -> 03.01 ->04.02 ->05.02-> 06.02.

They might run into the "Ancient Stones" in 03.01. That is a major encounter in my key. So I roll a d6 and I come up with ... surprisingly, a 6! So they will miss the major encounter. OK, what about the ruins themselves? That's another major encounter. I roll a 4, they'll find it.

So with that in mind, it will take 6.5 days to go from Golden Gate to Fort Dawn. They will encounter Fort Dawn on day 6.5

So my random checks - day 1, morning is in civilized, evening is in light woods. That's a d6 and d8 to check for encounters. 2 and 6, no encounters. Day 2 is in light woods. 3 and 3, no encounter. Day 3 and 4 are in the deep woods. That's a d10. 7 and 5. No encounter. Day 5 is in light woods, d8 check. 8 and 7, no encounter. Day 6 morning is grasslands, evening is enter the hills. d8 and d10. 1 and 8, aha, finally an encounter! Day 7, morning check only as by afternoon, they'll be at the fort. 4, no encounter.

Jeeze, these guys have it EASY this trip!

Here's the script:
Day 1 - 00.01 (grasslands) to 01.01 (woods) - no encounters
Day 2 - 01.01 (woods) to 02.01 (woods) - no encounters
Day 3 - 02.01 (woods) to 03.01 (heavy woods) - no encounter
Day 4 - 03.01 (heavy woods) - no encounter
Day 5 - 03.01 (heavy woods) to 04.02 (woods) -no encounter
Day 6 - 04.02 (woods) to 05.02 (grasslands) - ENCOUNTER
Day 7 - 05.02 (exit grasslands into hilled grasslands) - no encounter, MAJOR: Fort Dawn

For the grasslands, I roll on a small table and figure out it will be a humanoid encounter. It makes sense that this is a hunting party of mounted orcs. So I come up with the encounter parameters and write it out.

Part 3 - at the table.  OK, so we're playing the game.

Me: It's the 8th day of Autumn and you've loaded up your supplies and are ready to leave town. Do you do anything else or do you head out?

Players: We go! Off to the fort!

Me: Well, (reading notes) Fortune smiles upon you, as with the help of the ranger, you have a fairly unventful journey for the first 5 days of your trip. You navigate the Dark Woods without incident, with only the gloom of the heavy canopy marking anything of note during the two days it takes you to get through them. However, on the sixth day, as your horses range through the grasslands... (rattle of dice as I figure out who has surprise)...

Me: Ranger, as you are out ahead of the group a-ways, scouting, you come upon the rear vanguard of what appears to be a group of orcs, riding, unaware that you're behind them! What do you do?

Ranger: I quietly make the "stop/danger" sign, hoping that my friends behind me see it. I then jump off my horse and get it to lie down.

Me: OK - the elves and halfling in the party, roll a d6. If you get a 1 or 2, you see that sign and can warn everyone. Otherwise... this will be interesting!

(The encounter is resolved... so now we continue)

Me: OK, after cleaning from the messy orc encounter, there is still time to travel. Do you wish to continue?

Players: Yes!

Me: OK, the remainder of the day and the following day are uneventful. The tall grasses lead into hill country, mostly covered in the grasses that are tall and fragrant in the autum sun. By midday of the 15th day of Autumn, you see the ruined towers of Fort Dawn on the horizon, sitting on top of the largest of the rolling hills...

And that's really about it.

I used to do a "day by day" blow of moving across the map, and it just wasn't really fun for anyone? I started doing this approach after seeing it suggested online. The players like it, because it focuses on the important stuff.

They do have to track resources, of course and I'll remind them of that when they hit points where they stop.

Questions that I anticipate
What if the players change their mission or go off the script? What if they get lost?
Well, they understand that if they change the plan, I may need to "take a break" in order to figure out what happens when instead of going to Fort Dawn, they decide to stay in the Dark Woods and seek out the Ancient Stones. So at the table, I'll pretty much follow the same approach, figure out the day to day until they reach their new destination.

If that's not appropriate, or they get lost and they're wandering off course, then we drop into a "day by day" mode, which I cover in the next question.

What if they're truly "crawling" around a wilderness to explore?
Then I do the same exact thing, but on a hex by hex, day by day basis. It does slow things down a bit more, because I'm repeating this for each day, but that's pretty much what wilderness exploring is... it's become a different type of game. It's no longer a "travel and destination" game, it's truly seeing what is in each nook and cranny.

Because I've done this enough, I can roll it out pretty fast and get to the jist of things quickly.

What about weather?
Ah, I didn't want to muddy the waters with weather, but yes, weather can be an encounter. I use weather charts that lay out each day's weather - it's the 7 Years of Fantasy Weather almanac that I've podcasted about before. On days where there is weather that seriously affects their travel, that's an appropriate event to call out as a waypoint or encounter. Or I let them know how the weather affects their travel (usually to slow them down).

What other questions did I not think of? What do you think of this approach?

Download Onimusha Warlords Free For PC

Download  Onimusha Warlords Free For PC

| Onimusha: Warlords [Eng/Jap voice + Multi8 + Bonus] – CorePack |

OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 Dual Core Series or AMD equivalent or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 12 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectSound _DirectX® 10.0c or better




Monumental Heartbreak

I made it through Viridian Forest to Pewter City safely. The Pewter Pokémon Gym was open and available, but Lucky was in no condition to train there. Instead we made daily forays into the forest to train against other Caterpie and Weedle. Eventually Lucky evolved into a Metapod which was amazing to watch. At the time, I was so excited to see an evolution first hand. It was the direct result of our diligent training together and it felt great to see Lucky move into his next life stage, growing stronger before my eyes. This physical manifestation of growth and improvement encouraged me to take our training to the next step. It encouraged me to take my team to the Pewter City Pokémon Gym.
I walked in headstrong and confident that my team was ready to face the challenges ahead. I announced myself as a challenger. I waited for the trainers representing the gym to step forward. I expected to face more than one young man before challenging Gym Leader Brock, but apparently this young trainer was the only one representing Brock that day. He only had two Pokéballs at his side, but he assured me I was no match for Brock. He was about to prove it to me firsthand.
He tossed out a Diglett which popped up out of the dirt floor of the gym. Kiwi took to the air. If the Diglett knew any ground attacks they would be wasted on Kiwi while he remained airborne. Kiwi opened with our classic Sand-Attack gambit to kick as much dust and dirt up into the Diglett's eyes as he could. Kiwi took a few scrapes as he wore down the Diglett's accuracy, but eventually the Diglett was completely ineffective. I switched in Nibbles to tackle the Diglett into submission.
The Junior Trainer revealed his final Pokémon to be a Sandshrew. Its defense was formidable so I used Nibble to distract him with a series of disorienting glares before pulling Nibble out of the battle. Rascal jumped in to eagerly sweep through the defenseless Sandshrew, but I miscalculated. After two vicious slashes from the Sandshrews sharp claws, Rascal was down and out. Rascal slumped to the ground unconscious. My heart sank into my stomach and I felt faint. I failed Rascal.
It was in that moment of horrible defeat that it occurred to me that I should have used a potion on Rascal. I shouldn't have let him suffer those two powerful attacks head on. I should have sent in Kiwi to wear down the Sandshrew's accuracy. Lucky didn't stand a chance against this Pokémon if it took out Rascal so easily. Kiwi was my only chance to get out of this mess. I knew that if I didn't keep my head in the game, I might be saying goodbye to more than one Pokémon that afternoon. I tried to shake off my sorrow and focus on the battle ahead.
Kiwi was much faster than the Sandshrew. He kept firmly out of reach and launched a series of quick attacks on the Sandshrew to finish it off. The Junior Trainer conceded defeat, but it was I who felt defeated that day. This young boy had no idea I'd just recently vowed to never fight my Pokémon to the point of unconsciousness. Now, just days after determining the way I wished to train and respect Pokémon, my resolve was going to be tested. Rascal and I would have to part ways.
I explained this to the trainer who didn't quite understand, but he said the gym would be happy to watch after Rascal for me. Rascal was always enthusiastic about training and living here at the gym would be a fitting end to our relationship, so I agreed.
I took Rascal to the Pokémon Center and waited for him to recover from his injuries. I don't really know if he understood, but I explained to him that in order for us to grow stronger I would need to let him go. We had to follow different paths, now. I had chosen a training style where I would not let my Pokémon fall in battle and even though Rascal was my very first Pokémon companion, I could not go back on my conviction. We said our goodbyes. I released Rascal to the care of the Junior Trainer at the Pewter City Pokémon Gym and withdrew my challenge.

It's an understatement to say that I was devastated. In that moment, I certainly regretted making it my personal goal as a trainer to not push my Pokémon too far. As Wolf had said, it's just part of the training to the average trainer. You win some and you lose some. But that just wasn't my way. I wanted to build a place where I could protect Pokémon and people would come from all around to study and understand them better. I had to be better than the average trainer. I had to hold myself to a higher standard. Pokémon would fight. They would fight to protect me in the wild, and they would fight for my dream in competitive matches. But I had to have limits. I had to take responsibilities for my failures and this was the only way I knew how to do that.
Rascal was the first of many such failures, and saying goodbye to my first Pokémon was certainly one of the most painful experiences as a Pokémon Trainer that I have ever faced. Back in those days in Pewter City, I questioned everything about my journey. I spent a long time just wondering if I should return to Professor Oak and give up. These thoughts just stemmed from the profound sadness and disappointment, though. Ultimately, I would move on. I would grow stronger and persevere.
Beyond the tremendous heartbreak of failing to protect my first Pokémon, I was also terrified of Brock. This failure humbled me tremendously. Everything I did going forward would be taken slowly and with greater attention to strategy. This included returning to challenge Brock. Without Rascal, my team had a gaping hole that needed to be filled. The only one who could fill that hole was Lucky and so we left Pewter temporarily to train like our lives depended on it. I would absolutely not lose another Pokémon in this city.

Current Team:


In the latest quintet of monthly mini-reviews, a slew of hidden gems have made their way out of the Chamber. As a propeller-wearing slob of a man, platform your way across the US in Arcade America. Survive the wastelands of a post-apocalyptic future in Bad Blood, an action RPG from the folks behind Ultima. Grab your hoverboard and save the world from invading teddybears in the platformer Cyril Cyberpunk. Race across a multitude of nations in Network Q RAC Rally. Finally, prove your wrestling worth in WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game for a multitude of systems.

Read more »

Planet Fitness - Perfect Gym? (Monday Musings 76)

If I ever do become a Twitch Partner (the likelihood is 0%) and you're more able to get
sponsorships, I would chose Planet Fitness as my first sponsor, given that my stream channel is focused on gaming, but also health issues. We streamers and gamers are notoriously known for poor self-care, so I'd love to promote Planet Fitness.

But is Planet Fitness the gym for you? The first thing to look for in a gym is proximity. If there's another fitness center that's within one mile of your work/home, and the Planet Fitness is further away, the better option is the closer one, in terms of achieving compliance.

I used to go to another gym that was 5 miles away, and I barely went, but my local Planet Fitness is less than 1 mile away, and I've been consistent in attending.

If you have young children, Planet Fitness does not offer babysitting so unless you're able to have someone to attend your children, Planet Fitness won't be a good option. I would chose a gym that has babysitting.

If you're a hardcore body builder and are entering competitions, Planet Fitness is not a good gym for you. I believe the dumb bells go up to 60 pounds, and there are no barbell and squat racks, only the dreadful Smith machines. However, if you're the average person, not aiming to be in competitions, Planet Fitness has more than adequate equipment. I like how they have the Step Mill, which is rotating staircases.

If Planet Fitness is close to you, you do not need babysitting for your children, and you're not looking to achieve a competitive ready physique, Planet Fitness is the perfect gym.

For one, it's open 24/7, meaning that there's no excuse to not go to the gym, improving compliance. I believe that's Planet Fitness's biggest selling point. Planet Fitness is a very clean and organized facility, and I found the staff and fellow members to be polite, courteous and friendly.

Planet Fitness is affordable, and during the summer, there's an offer where initiation fee was either waived, or $10 (I don't recall which). Monthly membership is $10 for basic which gives you access to all equipment, including the many classes. $20 is the Black Rewards membership which gives you access to all Planet Fitness locations, guest pass for one (unlimited), and the awesome bed and chair water massage.

Even though I don't travel a lot, or have a consistent friend to go with me to the gym, I nevertheless splurged on the $20 membership because of the massage!

I appreciate the amenities, including built in lockers, so no more fumbling around for your lock, which I hate! If you forget the combination that you inputted, staff will open the locker.

In terms of equipment, I only ever use the Step Mill, but they have plenty of machines and exercise circuits for weight lifting. I use Your Body is Your Barbell system instead, as I'm looking to improve functional strength rather than aesthetics.

The other nice feature of Planet Fitness is that in your account, it lists upcoming classes (some you can sign up for in advance electronically), and also which days you attended the gym so you can see your consistency and/or insurance purposes.

Lastly, Planet Fitness has that much touted 1st Monday Pizza and 2nd Tuesday Morning Bagel, but I never went to one, so I can't comment on the pizza or bagel, but it's a nice touch.

All in all, Planet Fitness is affordable, convenient and accessible, improving exercise compliance. I find it's a perfect gym for most people's needs, and certainly for me!

The How of Happiness Review

Well, I Did Have My Doubts BUT.....

It had to be tried.

The Grand Experiment grinds to a halt as the list of unresolved rules questions begins to grow exponentially.
I had previously  tried a similar approach using the Square Brigadier but this was going to be less abstract and enable me to fight reasonable recreations of small historical actions like the Battles of Ridgeway and Cut Knife Creek. It took nearly two turns for me to decide that if I added a lot of detail, dealt with all the grey areas  and made a bunch of markers to track unit status etc, it might turn into a reasonable wargame. It was never going to be the sort of fast easy game of toy soldiers that I was looking for though.

The armies have now been quickly but gently nudged back into their natural units, the rules adjusted and the battle resumed. 

Without pausing for second thought, I shuffled the units back into their usual 8 figure units (whatever they represent) . This gave each side 3 small Brigades each of 2 battalions, plus a small brigade of 2 cavalry squadrons and a battery. Too big for an historical Fenian Battle but just right for a Toy Solider game. 

I then quickly implemented the other set of movement and combat rules that I had  been planning to use when I set the game out then I  continued to play.
Fighting rages around North Farm.

At this moment, the rules are just a few scribbled notes flushed out by habit but the four page version will be written up in short order and expanded later.  What follows is a brief look at some of the mechanics.

Basically the game follows an old Don Featherstone sequence from Battles with Model Soldiers with a Card draw each turn (Don used a die roll)  to see who goes first that turn.  The turn them proceeds as follows:  1st player moves, 2nd player moves, 2nd player shoots, 1st player shoots, resolve charges and melee. One of the reasons I like this because the player going second MIGHT get a double move so the 1st player always has to keep that in mind. It is also balanced with the 2nd player having the advantage of first shot.

All situational die modifiers are as ruled by umpire or by consensus between players. (An idea I borrowed from a friend. It is simple and effective and reminds me of Kriegsspiel with an umpire.)

The battle lines are heavily engaged, The Fort Henry Guard is reserve, the only unit still formed for rapid marching rather than deployed for combat .

Shooting is 1 die per 2 figures (artillery counts the limber crew to give them 3 dice. Long range hits on 6, Medium 5,6, Close 4,5,6. +1 if unit is deemed to have an advantage (sharpshooter, enfilade etc), -1 if the unit is at a disadvantage (tgt in cover etc) 

Melee is the same process but  1d per figure for 5,6 then modified for advantages and disadvantages.

General Douglas had to intervene personally to reinforce his order to the cavalry to charge but Col. Denison's reluctance was justified when the attack up the hill into heavy carbine fire was repulsed with losses including the good Colonel himself.

Morale is checked if a unit takes shooting casualties of at least 25% of current strength or if it loses a melee or the situation requires it. 4,5,6 OK, 1,2,3 Halt no advance, 0 Retreat full move test to rally next turn. +1 If Elite or in an especially advantageous situation -1  if Militia or in a bad situation (eg flanked, isolated etc) , -1 @25% lost to date. +1 joined by an inspiring commander.

The Rebels are pressing the attack on the Farm. Heavy fire from William's Rebel Brigade which has turned the flank has reduced the 2nd Highlanders to 1/2 strength but these Veterans brace themselves  as the enemy closes in. Coming on top of the repulsed cavalry attack it looks bad for the Dominion.
Lastly I brought back a version of my old control check from the 1980's which has appeared in various formats ever since. An isolated unit or detached commander  must check when activated:
5,6 No retreat, take appropriate aggressive action
3,4 Act as player wishes
1,2 No Advance.
Modify for situation and Commander personality.

Never say die!
A  heavy fire from the Grenadiers has broken the the Elite Zouaves as the cavalry, having rallied, has returned to the charge. Eager to revenge their fallen leader they ride over the Rebel cavalry.  On the far flank the rebel 2nd Infantry is shattered by rifle fire from the Highlanders and the 3rd Brigade commander decides that he is not going to sacrifice his men in an assault on that farm.. As the sun sets, neither farm has fallen but the Rebels have lost 4 units out of 9 and are now outflanked and outnumbered. The Dominion has taken some heavy casualties but has not lost a unit. The field is theirs.

I'm already looking forward to the next game.

That this video was one of the musical selections played in the background might or might not have affected my Redcoats' performance in battle. I should really paint up a small band for each side shouldn't I?

2019. április 2., kedd

WIP: Minefields For Team Yankee

   As I really don't like the measure from the counter sort of thing that Team Yankee is using, I thought I would make some pieces that actually model the area of the minefield. It may make it easier for my opponent to avoid blundering into the field, but I think it will look nicer.

   Anyway, I started with CDs as they are pretty much exactly the right diameter (4"/10cm across).

   First step: prime them. I used a rattle can of ultra flat dark forest green I had handy. Same thing I use for my Soviet vehicle base, actually. That bit of sheen is because I didn't spray it very heavily and there's a bit of plastic showing.

   Next, I put little dots of PVA glue all over, and some of my preferred dirt, which is brown fine ballast. Each dirt mound will indicate a hastily emplaced mine. I added some bits of grass tuft (Army Painter Wilderness) and flowers (also Army Painter).

   Aaaand... that's all so far. I am leaving town for a few days this afternoon so the rest will have to wait until I return. Actually, as this posts, I am in Las Vegas, waiting for my plane to go home. But I scheduled it to post while I was away, being a clever boy that wants to entertain his friends whilst away.

Download Shotcut Video Editor Free

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